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Session Spotlight: Creating a Blogging Schedule Using The 20/30 Rule with Jarrett Gucci

Join Jarrett Gucci in the Salt Creek Trail room at 3:40 PM for his talk Creating a Blogging Schedule Using The 20/30 Rule.

Jarrett developed a method called the 20/30 Rule to determine how many posts in a time period that a person should write for their blog to help take it to the next level.

The two things that many people say holds them back from blogging more is time and feeling unsure about what topics to cover. Jarrett’s presentation will address how to overcome to time obstacle to blogging.

Session Spotlight: Picture This – Better Visuals for your Website with Aaron Hockley

Join Aaron Hockley in the Salt Creek Trail room at 2:50 PM on Sunday, June 7 for his talk Picture This – Better Visuals for your Website with Aaron Hockley.

We think of blogs as the written word, but photography and images can be a powerful and memorable element on your WordPress website or blog. In this session, we’ll explain and demonstrate powerful photography features of WordPress. Topics covered will include some built-in WP features as well as a few key plugins that can provide a better visual experience for your site’s audience. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, this presentation will save you several thousand keystrokes of work.

Session Spotlight: Plugin-a-Palooza hosted by Chris Lema

Don’t miss our first Plugin-a-Palooza event in the Crystal Cove workshop room at 2 PM on Sunday, June 7 with our host Chris Lema. This event is sponsored by Sucuri.

This is it. Our teams of plugin writers will come together to show off the fruits of their labors. Who has written the best plugin in their category. Whose code is the most original? Is it safe? Does it play well with others? Join our Super Special Host Chris Lema and our panel of judges in the First Annual Orange County Plugin-a-Palooza!


Session Spotlight: Going from Solo to Sustainable with Tony Mazzarella

Join Tony Mazzarella in the Salt Creek Trail room at 2 PM on Sunday, June 7 for his talk Going from Solo to Sustainable.

Growing a WordPress shop has many challenges—the most difficult and critical is managing growth and sustainability. In this session, Tony Mazzarella of Web Access Inc., a 100-person development shop, and one of the founders of UkuuPeople, will explore these challenges and provide a roadmap to sustainability. How do you align your business growth with market growth? How do you grow a team and effectively manage resources through traditional hiring, outsourcing, and a distributed workplace? Tony will also discuss the importance of client and project management processes in organizational growth to keep you on the right track.

Session Spotlight: Braces-less WordPress with AJ Zane

Join AJ Zane in the Trabuco Trail room at 2 PM on Sunday, June 7 for his talk Braces-less WordPress.

What if there was a way for us to develop in WordPress faster? What if this way actually made our code more precise and less error prone? What if we could stop using braces!? This talk will explore the concepts of using existing tools and preprocessors like sass, jade, coffeescript, etc to speed up your workflow and produce top notch themes and plugins. Before you know it, all your friends and family will be watching you code, yelling: “Run, Forest! Run!”