Session Spotlight: Braces-less WordPress with AJ Zane

Join AJ Zane in the Trabuco Trail room at 2 PM on Sunday, June 7 for his talk Braces-less WordPress.

What if there was a way for us to develop in WordPress faster? What if this way actually made our code more precise and less error prone? What if we could stop using braces!? This talk will explore the concepts of using existing tools and preprocessors like sass, jade, coffeescript, etc to speed up your workflow and produce top notch themes and plugins. Before you know it, all your friends and family will be watching you code, yelling: “Run, Forest! Run!”

Session Spotlight: Marketing Automation Using WordPress with Robert Donnell

Meet Robert Donnell in the Trabuco Trail room at 2:50 PM on Sunday, June 6 for his talk Marketing Automation Using WordPress.

In this talk, Robert will show you:

  • Develop marketing automation solutions
  • A review of leading marketing automation solutions that integrate with WordPress
  • What is marketing automation
  • Why marketing automation is important
  • What is possible with MA
  • Setup – working with clients
  • Sample installations – a peek behind the curtain

Session Spotlight: Automated Testing with Tabby Chapman

Join Tabby Chapman in the Trabuco Trail room at 11:40 AM on Sunday, June 7 to discuss automated testing.

This is a session designed to help the intermediate developers switch from live-testing their code to implementing automated testing. The topic will cover a general overview of testing the WordPress way and include instructions on how to get started with testing in Windows and PC.

Session Spotlight: Adding a Design Process with Greg Douglas

Meet Greg Douglas in the Salt Creek Trail room at 11:40 AM on Sunday, June 6 to discuss the importance of having a design process in your workflow.

If you are thinking about being a freelance consultant or already working as a consultant designing websites using WordPress, now is the time to specialize. The jig is up… the bubble has popped. We have exceeded full market saturation for consultants building websites with WP for small businesses. If you don’t plan to specialize and you are not a natural developer, you are going to have a hard time. For this reason, Greg believes it is important for people identifying themselves more as a designer to specialize in our field as a designer. With examples, this talk represents my take on the why and the how of specializing as a designer, designing for WP websites/applications in today’s business landscape.

Session Spotlight: Themes – Starter vs. Framework vs. Parent with Ryan Kanner

Join us at 10:50 AM in the Salt Creek Trail room for Ryan Kanner’s talk about the difference between starter themes, theme frameworks, and parent themes.

Creating a custom WordPress theme from scratch is time consuming, but why start with a blank canvas every time? In this talk, Ryan will go through the differences between starter themes, frameworks, and parent themes; and which one is right for your needs.

Session Spotlight: An Introduction to Front-End Tools with Jacob Arriola

Join Jacob Arriola in the Trabuco Trail room at 10 AM on Sunday, June 6 for his introduction to front-end tools presentation.

This is an introductory presentation that will showcase tools that may help a Front End Developer or Designer streamline her development process and collaborate better within a team environment. Topics will include Gulp.js, Bower and Bourbon. This talk assumes the user is familiar with HTML, Sass, isn’t afraid of the command line and has a general understanding of the WordPress theme hierarchy.