This year, we’re introducing a new event at WordCamp OC: Plugin-a-palooza 2015. We want everyone to come together in the spirit of competition, show off your mad developer skills, and create a plugin that will wow the judges.

  • Send us your pitch for the type of plugin you’d like to build. Deadline for pitches is February 20. Extended to March 1st!!!
  • We’ll confirm your entry into the competition by reviewing these pitches. There is room for 10 teams to compete.
  • Each team member can only be on one team in the competition.
  • Build your plugin!
  • The plugin has to be able to be released in the WordPress repository – in fact, it must be there by May 29. So you’re going to need to submit them to WordPress plugin review no later than May 15th in order to get them approved. This means the plugin has to be completely GPL compliant.
  • The top teams will present their plugins on Sunday, June 7th at WordCamp.
  • Our judges will vote live at the event and we’ll announce the winner.
  • The winning team and runners up win fabulous prizes!
  • No shenanigans!

Plugin-a-palooza at WordCamp Orange County is sponsored by Sucuri


Still interested? Fill this out and show us what you got!

4 thoughts on “Plugin-a-palooza

  1. I was wondering if all of the team has to attend WordCamp OC, or can there be a representative that is there?

    Can team members be remote, like out-of-state? Can they be a co-worker? Are there any limitations on the team members?

    1. Hey Suzette – great questions. The whole team doesn’t have to attend but they do have to have a representative who is attending.

      Participants do have to be human! The only other real limit is that everyone on the team will have to share the fabulous prizes so a bigger team isn’t necessarily better. Remote teammates, out-of-state and co-workers are all kosher too.

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