Session Spotlight: Beginner’s Workshop with Adam Silver, Kathryn Presner, Gregg Franklin

Join Adam Silver, Kathryn Presner, and Gregg Franklin for our Beginner’s Workshop, starting at 9 AM on Saturday, June 6 in the Crystal Cove Trail workshop track.

It’s not a WordCamp without a good grounding session for beginners. This workshop will help people understand the basics of WordPress. They’ll cover everything from initial setup to publishing posts, adding categories, tagging content, and much more, including the entire Dashboard, sharing all the useful tools and providing tips along the way.

They’ll also review what to look for in a WordPress theme, how to find a good one, best practices and more.

How do you determine what’s a safe and effective plugin without being overwhelmed by choice? They’ll look at when to use a plugin and clarify the difference between widgets and plugins, plus how to make an informed decision about which plugin to use – and explore how to troubleshoot any conflicts that may crop up.