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Session Spotlight: Going from Solo to Sustainable with Tony Mazzarella

Join Tony Mazzarella in the Salt Creek Trail room at 2 PM on Sunday, June 7 for his talk Going from Solo to Sustainable.

Growing a WordPress shop has many challenges—the most difficult and critical is managing growth and sustainability. In this session, Tony Mazzarella of Web Access Inc., a 100-person development shop, and one of the founders of UkuuPeople, will explore these challenges and provide a roadmap to sustainability. How do you align your business growth with market growth? How do you grow a team and effectively manage resources through traditional hiring, outsourcing, and a distributed workplace? Tony will also discuss the importance of client and project management processes in organizational growth to keep you on the right track.

Session Spotlight: Business Workshop with Mendel Kurland, Chris Lema, Karim Marucchi, Cory Miller, and Jeff Turner

Don’t miss the business workshop in the Crystal Cove Trail room at 10 AM on Sunday, June 6 with Mendel Kurland, Chris Lema, Karim Marucchi, and Cory Miller, hosted by Jeff Turner.

The WordCamp OC Business Track is going to be epic! We have gathered four of the best business masterminds in our industry and they will individually sit down for a conversation with Jeff Turner.

The speakers will be Mendel Kurland (GoDaddy), Cory Miller (iThemes), Dre Armeda and Karim Marucchi (Crowd Favorite). Jeff did an outstanding job interviewing the speakers at WordCamp LA 2014 and these sessions will be nothing short of amazing. Don’t miss it!