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Session Spotlight: Picture This – Better Visuals for your Website with Aaron Hockley

Join Aaron Hockley in the Salt Creek Trail room at 2:50 PM on Sunday, June 7 for his talk Picture This – Better Visuals for your Website with Aaron Hockley.

We think of blogs as the written word, but photography and images can be a powerful and memorable element on your WordPress website or blog. In this session, we’ll explain and demonstrate powerful photography features of WordPress. Topics covered will include some built-in WP features as well as a few key plugins that can provide a better visual experience for your site’s audience. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, this presentation will save you several thousand keystrokes of work.

Session Spotlight: Adding a Design Process with Greg Douglas

Meet Greg Douglas in the Salt Creek Trail room at 11:40 AM on Sunday, June 6 to discuss the importance of having a design process in your workflow.

If you are thinking about being a freelance consultant or already working as a consultant designing websites using WordPress, now is the time to specialize. The jig is up… the bubble has popped. We have exceeded full market saturation for consultants building websites with WP for small businesses. If you don’t plan to specialize and you are not a natural developer, you are going to have a hard time. For this reason, Greg believes it is important for people identifying themselves more as a designer to specialize in our field as a designer. With examples, this talk represents my take on the why and the how of specializing as a designer, designing for WP websites/applications in today’s business landscape.

Session Spotlight: Selling a Million Dollars in Design with Jennifer Bourn

Join Jennifer Bourn in the Salt Creek Trail track at 3:40 PM on Saturday, June 6 for her presentation Selling a Million Dollars in Design.

Development is clear cut. It works or it doesn’t. The code is well-written or it’s a mess. Design on the other hand, is subjective, with the success of a project often based on the client’s ideas, perceptions, opinions, and personal experiences of what good design is.

As a freelancer, Jennifer has sold well over a million dollars in design services alone, and the journey has been good, bad, and at times, ugly as she learned along the way.

In this session, Jennifer will share with you the mistakes made, lessons learned, and contract changes implemented. You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of the role design plays in business, how to sell design, and how to navigate the sales process with clients.

If you’re a designer who rocks at design but feels a little less confident selling your services, you’re a business or agency owner who now find themselves selling design, or you’re a developer who wants to better understand pitching design to clients, this talk is for you.

Session Spotlight: Blurred Lines – A Workflow for Responsive Projects with Natalie MacLees

Join Natalie MacLees in the Trabuco Trail track at 9:50 AM on June 6th for her talk Blurred Lines: A Workflow for Responsive Sites.

Responsive design is so much more than a flexible grid and a few media queries. A responsive web site project requires a whole new approach to the way we think about web sites – and involves a serious blurring of the boundaries between design and development. In this talk, Natalie will cover some new workflows and how designers and developers can better collaborate in a responsive world.