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Session Spotlight: Duty Now for the Future with Jason Cosper

See Jason Cosper in the Salt Creek Trail room at 4:30 PM on Saturday, June 6 for his talk Duty Now for the Future.

WordPress developers have been refining their development workflows and toolkits for almost 12 years now. As game -hanging server technologies like Facebook’s HHVM start to creep into the WordPress hosting space — WP Engine, Pagely & Kinsta all offer HHVM-ready plans — those workflows need to be expanded.

I’ll be introducing you to a new Vagrant-based WordPress development environment (HGV) that includes debugging and profiling tools and allows you to test your code in both PHP & HHVM environments.

If you’re interested in attending this talk, a passing familiarity with the command line helps, but isn’t a hard requirement.

Session Spotlight: Plugin Vulnerabilities – How to Secure Your Code with Dave Jesch

Learn how to secure your plugin code with Dave Jesch at 10:40 AM on June 6th in the Salt Creek Trail track.

Prevention is the key to plugin vulnerabilities. Learn what to look for in your own code to help safeguard from potential issues. A step-by-step guide will be provided on how to avoid vulnerabilities and make your code more secure. With the generosity of popular plugin authors, we will review some recent vulnerabilities found, share how they fixed the problems and discuss the best methods for getting the word out about your plugin once it’s been securely updated. Yes, there will be code.

Session Spotlight: Blurred Lines – A Workflow for Responsive Projects with Natalie MacLees

Join Natalie MacLees in the Trabuco Trail track at 9:50 AM on June 6th for her talk Blurred Lines: A Workflow for Responsive Sites.

Responsive design is so much more than a flexible grid and a few media queries. A responsive web site project requires a whole new approach to the way we think about web sites – and involves a serious blurring of the boundaries between design and development. In this talk, Natalie will cover some new workflows and how designers and developers can better collaborate in a responsive world.