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Session Spotlight: Themes – Starter vs. Framework vs. Parent with Ryan Kanner

Join us at 10:50 AM in the Salt Creek Trail room for Ryan Kanner’s talk about the difference between starter themes, theme frameworks, and parent themes.

Creating a custom WordPress theme from scratch is time consuming, but why start with a blank canvas every time? In this talk, Ryan will go through the differences between starter themes, frameworks, and parent themes; and which one is right for your needs.

Session Spotlight: Should it Go Into a Theme or Plugin with Russell Aaron

Join Russell Aaron in the Trabuco Trail track at 3:40 PM on Saturday, June 6 to discuss whether certain features should go into a theme or plugin.

In this presentation, scenarios will be discussed along with whether the feature in question should go into the theme or into a plugin. Many times, many developers might say most features should go into a plugin – but most would be surprised why a plugin can be a bad idea.